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Expert College Counseling with Betsy Ellsworth

Betsy Ellsworth

Choose Experience:

  • 10 years as a senior-level admission dean at Reed College

  • 12 years as director of admission and financial aid at Greenhills School

  • 7 years as director of college counseling at Greenhills School

We believe …

  • the college admission process is a shared endeavor

  • partnering with students and parents/guardians is the best way to discovery

  • the journey of finding the best-fit college should be one of self-reflection and excitement

  • that the college admission process does not have to be complicated

  • financial fit is just as important as academic and social fit

  • each student’s journey is unique

  • you are more than your grades and test scores, and we will help you tell your own genuine story


We will …

  • learn every student's individual story

  • ask the right questions to support students on their journey of self-discovery 

  • curate a list of best-fit colleges based on research

  • encourage reality about your application list based on research 

  • share strategies for getting to know colleges

  • advise students and families on the college application process from the perspective of an admissions dean

  • encourage dreaming about what college your college experience can be – academically and socially

  • strategize about the application itself – recommendation letters, what you choose to tell colleges about who you are in the activities section, and your essays 

  • support your family through the scholarship search process

  • advise your family through the financial aid process if requested



At Edvice Ann Arbor, we pride ourselves on our accessibility. We are happy to meet with you in person or via Zoom, whichever is most convenient.

Our Philosophy

Ethics Statement

My families know they are a priority. I strive to become a trusted counselor, confidante, partner, teacher, guide, and mentor. As a professional member of the Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA), I am committed to upholding the HECA Standards for Working with Students and Families, which include acting professionally, responsibly, and ethically in all relationships with students, families, high schools, college admission personnel, and colleagues, Recognize the importance of confidentiality in performing their work, and Act with integrity, respect, courtesy, and thoughtfulness in all transactions.

Edvice Ann Arbor: College Admission 




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